Residents & Families Update

Quality Indicators Update

The following quality indicators have been added to residential aged care quarterly reporting. The following items will be reported to the Department of Health every quarter.

Further information can be found via the Department of Health Website in the link below

Consumer Advisory Body

We would like to invite you to attend and participate in a meeting to discuss Consumer Advisory Committee at Mount Clear Aged Care Facility. The purpose of this advisory body is for consumers, carers and the community to provide feedback into decision making and governance.
Our Consumer Advisory Committee provides input, advice, and feedback to inform and improve our services.

Please find a link below for the meeting TOR for further information regarding the consumer advisory body. Including: 

  • How the body will work? 
  • What you need to do? 
  • How members are selected and 
  • Frequency/duration of the meetings etc. 

These meeting terms of reference will be confirmed by the Consumer Advisory Committee at the first scheduled meeting.
It is completely voluntary and offered in conjunction to already scheduled residence meetings and focus groups. If you would like to be a member of the advisory body please email, phone or speak in person with your Facility Manager.

Virtual Emergency Department

We have access to the Victorian Virtual Emergency Department which provides community healthcare professionals (including GPs, Residential Aged Care and Urgent Care) access to patient advice for non-life-threatening emergencies, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will be connected directly to our specialist doctors and nurse practitioners via a video call.

Easter Visiting

Visitor Entry Requirements:

  • There are no limits on visitor numbers.
  • All visitors to RACFs should have a negative result from a COVID-19 rapid antigen test taken on the same day that they attend the care facility. The rapid antigen test is completed prior to entry to our homes. All rapid antigen tests must be shown to the nurse in charge or administration staff prior to entry into the home. If there is no one on reception please ring the doorbell or ask for assistance. If you test positive please do not enter the building and ensure you maintain 1.5m distance from staff.
  • All visitors must wear a face covering provided by the home for the duration of your visit.
  • Anyone who has COVID-19 or symptoms of COVID-19 or is a close contact of someone with COVID 19 should not visit Residential Aged Care Facilities
  • All visitors must sign in via Zipline prior to entry into the home.
  • If you are unwell please stay at home.
  • Visits to occur in residents rooms or outdoors rather than communal areas.
  • Indoor visits to occur in well ventilated areas with open windows and doors to provide well natural ventilation.
  • All visitors to complete hand hygiene and wear masks properly.
  • Practice social distancing where possible and appropriate.

Ways to stay safe include

  • Staying up to date with vaccinations
  • Wearing a mask when away from home in indoor public places or in crowded settings
  • All visitors to wear a mask when visiting residents to reduce risk of transmission
  • Stay home if you have respiratory symptoms or feel unwell to reduce the risk of infecting others
  • If you tested positive for COVID-19 or are feeling unwell, you should stay at home until the symptoms have passed and if you must leave home wear a mask and avoid going to any high-risk settings like aged care facilities
  • People at risk of more severe illness should talk to their GP now about eligibility for oral antiviral treatments should they get COVID-19.

Please do not hesitate to contact should you have any questions or wish to discuss any of the above updates further. Email or phone 03 5251 1230.

We hope you all have a lovely Easter!
Kind Regards,

Drysdale Grove Aged Care