Refurbishment Update & Clinical Update

Refurbishment Update:

The refurbishment at Drysdale Grove Aged Care is progressing well. The 300 section and outdoor courtyard has now been finalised and residents are enjoying these new spaces. 
From the 17th March at 3:30pm – rooms 301-307 will be completed and handed back from the construction team. 
From the 20th March the next section to be refurbished is residents in rooms 223-232. The residents occupying these rooms will be asked to temporarily relocate to rooms within the 300 and 200 section whilst these rooms complete refurbishment. Construction is scheduled to commence on the 21st March in rooms 223-232 which will include the addition of the new 200 wing nurses station, sitting room and link corridor. 
This is aimed to be completed within an 8 week period.

Clinical Update: 
A small number of residents continue to present with rash like symptoms. All residents have been reviewed by their GP. Scraping have been completed however the results are inconclusive and returned results of dermatitis. 
To eliminate any possible risks:
  • Routine pest control has been completed recently and the whole exterior of the home has been sprayed. Ongoing routine pest control will continue to occur as scheduled.
  • A deep clean of the carpets has commenced. 
  • Surveillance monitoring of symptoms and epidemiological data is collected. 
  • Resident GPs have completed a review and provided advice on the management plan.
  • Dermatologists have been contacted for specialist advice. However it has been difficult to locate a dermatologist to visit site. If you wish to attend a dermatologist appointment you can consult with the GP for a referral and request a family member to take you to an appointment.
Please do not hesitate to contact should you have any questions or concerns. 

Kind Regards,


Drysdale Grove Aged Care